Why we started?

With the aim of showcasing and promoting silk handwoven fabrics in India and abroad we started mulberry silks.

The aim was to provide a fair return for the skilled talented ethnic silk fabric artisan weavers.

Mulberry silks is the go to destination which platforms the skilled artisan silk weavers handiwork. Mulberry supports these weavers as equitable profit partners and work to revive extinct and rarely used artisanal silk weaving patterns and ancient loom methods.

The bespoke specialist artisanal silk woven products’ photos are by the silk weavers themselves.


To encourage and promote Indian artisans, craftsmanship and their rich, fine, handwoven clothing.

Mulberrys is established with a vision to promote rich and fine craftsmanship of Indian fabrics to the global women. We want you to cherish and feel the richness of handpicked, handcrafted Indian fabrics. We work with the weavers to bring finest people like you the finest quality fabrics – that why we say ‘Mulberry silks is – The finest for the finest’.

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